The Ecosystem

Our solutions are designed to not be mere alternatives, but miles better than the competition.

Open lending

Instant access to loans at 1:3 CDR(Collateral-to-Debt ratio), at predictive interest and yield rates(18% APY).

Off-chain trade settlement protocol

Off-chain trade settlement protocol addresses some of the pertinent challenges faced by the present day DeFi, through off-chain trade routing.


A near instant, cost efficient multi-chain token swap service built on OTS protocol layer.


A next generation purpose-specific blockchain designed to address the growing needs of decentralised financial markets at scale.

Decentralised identity verification protocol

An innovative solution enabling decentralised user verifications. This protocol is necessary to permit DeFi process transactions of larger volume, without regulatory scrutiny.


A second yield layer designed to reward the depositors opting for fixed deposits. Dividends offer a dynamic yield, dependent on how in demand the underlying token is.

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